Spreading empathy, one film at a time

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I travel the world helping through art, using my camera as an ally to give visibility to environmental and humanitarian issues, and to expand messages of hope and empathy.

I believe this world can be a better place for everyone, and that we can only achieve it together and with love;

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A little bit about myself

My values and beliefs


I believe love is caring. I love animals, nature and myself, so I chose not to harm


Our actions leave traces. Lets chose to leave Respect, towards us and towards what surrounds us


We need to help each other, no one gets saved alone. We could see each other from our hearts, and become family instead of strangers


Travelling is all about giving and receiving. Sharing is the engine that makes everything possible

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I film for those who need a voice, regardless their financial situations. That’s why you are so important to keep this happening. With your help, I can continue helping.

Do you want to make some dreams come true?



Every grain of sand counts


Wherever you are, you can be part of this 


Do you own a business or product that could travel with me?


you can carry our message with you and help us spread the voice!

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It’s been many experiences already that gave meaning to this journey. Srangers that became friends, issues that found their allies, memories that travel in my heart.

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Already trusted in me

About me

I’m Pilar Aldirico, and I love art, nature, travelling and helping since I can recall. I always found myself surrounded by paintbrushes and pianos, rabbits and butterflies, trees and stars. For years I walked this world with just my backpack and my hopes, as a tourist or volunteering. Hugging animals in a wildlife rescue center, with a camera in one hand and a cubs milk bottle in the other one. That’s how I travelled and that’s how I want to live.
Today, everything I love gets together in this dream that has my heart.

I invite you to hug the world with me.


En enero de 2016 mis viajes me regalaron un compañerito. Nos encontramos entre bosques y lagos, él tenía menos de 1 mes de vida, y corria solo, sucio y débil por una ruta de tierra. Nunca más nos separamos. Es extremadamente amigable y cariñoso, ama viajar, y yo amaría que forme parte de todo ésto. Por eso, después de mucho pensarlo, decidí abrirle las puertas a mi proyecto. Siempre que sea posible, intentaremos ir juntos. Su Amor tan puro alegra a quien tiene la suerte de conocerlo.


Si tenés algún mensaje, propuesta, o duda que quieras compartir conmigo, podés hacerlo por acá.

Ideas, proyectos, videos, viajes, todo vale!


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